Message From Managing Director

A : Trust forms the basis of all things

A : The attitude of the boss, who trusted me and entrusted me with the work

A : I will show the direction of the company and think together about how each department will proceed concretely.

A : I always want to evolve. It is important for individuals and companies to grow together. HLMA is committed to improve management skills. Management skills are improved through training, provided by external parties and also through internal training. Then, once a year, we will check management skills using an external organization. The check will clarify what level your skills are against global benchmarks, what your strengths are, and what your weaknesses . Knowing your management skill trends is very important for your future growth.

A : We will comprehensively lead the development of Honda Logistics and contribute to the logistics of Malaysia. Our greatest strength is our group's global network. The automotive industry is undergoing major changes in the future, but we are constantly striving to maximize the Group's network, anticipate changes, flexibly respond to the upcoming transformation period, and build win-win relationships with our customers.

A : Basically, do your work happily. Let's work together so that individuals and companies can grow together.